Monday, November 19, 2007

Quilt for Canada

Here is a quick pic of a quilt I made for a baby that has just been born to friends in Canada. Her name is Jane Lilly Speir and I hope that she likes her gift. I have made it quite large so that hopefully it will alot of use for many years to come. Each square has a different shape quilted onto it and then her name in one. The back is a lovely pink polar fleece. I have put Sam onto it to show the size. I think I measures about 43" square so it will be good for a lap quilt when she gets bigger.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Catching Up

So much has been happening since my last entry.

Firstly our little man got Baptised on Sunday 4 November. It was a lovely ceremony, Sam was such a good boy (as per usual) he was having a lovely time splashing his hand in the font while his head was getting wet. Then he tried to eat Rev. Ken's finger. It was a lovely day with just some close family present and then a lovely lunch back at the farm. Mum couldn't be here because she lives so far away but she was in our thoughts and she will be here on Monday for a few days. Here is a picture of Sam in his Christening gown. He is the 4th generation to wear it. It belongs to Marcus's mothers Family.

Here also are some pictures of my latest handiwork. The first is a bag I made for a swap I was in. It is double sided with a lovely plain Autumn fabric on the inside. I made it for the lovley Helen (press her name to see her lovely handiwork). My skills are no-where near as good as hers. She is so very helpful and Friendly though.

Next is a picture of a small quilt that I made as part of a Doll Quilt Swap. It was for the daughter of Kylie. It measures about 23 inches square and it is the first time that I have made pinwheels. I really enjoyed a smaller quilt as I can make somehting I have never done before and it doesn't waste too much fabric if you get it wrong.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A new monthly Challenge

One of the ladies from the Southern Cross quilters group has decided to set herself a challenge and has asked anyone that wants to join in. I really like her idea and have decided to try and join in. I don't know if I will get them done every month but I will certainly give it a try.

Every month she is going to draw a word out of a box and we have to make a small journal size quilt with our interpretation.

This months word is "CONNECTION"
Should be interesting.

Here's hoping.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Quick Catch up

It has been a little cool this weekend so we thought Sam should wear his Great Grandad's nice warm balaclava. He looked happy enough that's for sure.

As for the rest of us we are still waiting for all this rain they keep forecasting. The grass is still green but it will turn brown any day now with the warm days and the wind that won't go away. It's good for my washing but not so good for the feed.

Sooooo much sewing to do and so little time. If I had my way I would just sew and sew and sew. Sam is pretty good and I get a little bit done every few days but wishful thinking that I had all day, everyday to sew.

I have had a chance to make some soap. You may think this is a little crazy but I have been trying to get around to it for ages and finally made a batch of Coconut and Olive Oil, 2 weeks ago. Then this weekend I made a batch of pure Olive Oil Soap. I am using the real Cold Process method and making it from scratch. So far so good, it has turned out o.k. It won't be ready for use for another 2 weeks at least and then I may be brave enough to make a batch with some essential oils in it, that is when it gets a little more tricky and more things can go wrong.
You may ask why I would want to make soap when I can just buy it from the shops.... Well I am glad you asked. I don't like the way that things are made. I think that there is too much manufacturing in all the products that we buy and after doing extensive reading before starting to make soap I see that it is not that good for you anyway. They have taken out so many of the good oils and it is a very inferior product. But then I have always had a bit of an environmental streak in me. I have always preferred to use a more "Natural" product if I can find it. My very good friend Michelle calls me the "Earth Mother" As I use cloth Nappies on Sam and don't use any chemicals in cleaning and washing and I don't use soaps or anything on Sam. I think that the Soap will also make a nice addition to my Christmas Presents this year.
Anyhow enough babbling.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Making Quilts and Baby photo's

Well I have been flat out this week, cutting out my next few projects. I have 6 quilts to make, although not all of them have to be made now, I am trying to get all the cutting out done. Here is a photo of how I have organised myself. I have labelled some snaplock bags and put all the cut out pieces in them, it makes it easier. The thing in the middle is my Moda Jelly Roll, I am so in love with these, they have the most beautiful fabrics.

Sam is grown so fast, here are the latest photo's that I took this morning especially to post here. He is not quite sitting up on his own yet and I had to keep propping him up but he is getting really tall and so funny, he is wearing his little red Flannie and his wool long soakers that I made out of an old jumper.

Sam can say Mum, Bub & Dad but he doesn't really know what they mean yet. He loves going for walks and being outside and laughs at the dog when it barks. We took him to his first Bull Sale a few weeks ago and he was having so much fun, squealing, laughing and waving his hands at all the noise that we thought he was going to buy a Bull.

Friday, August 24, 2007

SEWING!!! 24.8.07

I have finally got some sewing finished. I am pretty proud of myself, but there is still so much left to do. I have made a portable little bed for Sam. It is not too thick as we have to take it with us on a plane but it can be padded up with the spare blankets in the Motel room. Sam doesn't move once he is asleep so the sides are not rigid but I just wanted him to feel cosy.

Of course Toby had to be in one of the photos.


Monday, August 20, 2007

EB Quilters Doll/Teddy Quilt Swap

I am very busy getting ready to sew a whole heap of projects at the moment. A couple of them are a surprise so I can't mention them here but I am also about to have a go at a couple of Nappy covers, being the Greeny that I am I only ever use cloth Nappies on Sam and need some more covers.

I am also about to particpate in a Small quilt swap for a Doll or Teddy with my friends on the Essential Baby Quilters Group...

Here are my swap answers

1. What colours do you like? Any but I have a little boy so maybe no pinks as it will be for his Teddy's

2. What colours DON'T you like? Army Green (khaki), too much black.

3. What style of quilt do you like best? (Abstract, arty, traditional, modern etc.) Any

4. What techniques and trimmings do you like? Applique, embroidery, yoyos, foundation pieced blocks, rik rak, lace, ribbons, buttons...?Any

5. Is there anything you DON'T want on your quilt? Not that I can think of.

Hopefully this makes it nice and easy for my partner, I am not a fussy person and we will be happy with what we get.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bag Swap Answers

I am in an online sewing group http:// and this month a few of us have chosen to do a bag swap, hopefully I can make a nice bag for my person. I would hate to let the group down.
Here are my answers to the Bag swap questions.
1. How big do you like your bags to be - small/medium/large? Rough measurement you like? I would like a medium size bag, maybe around about 30cm or so long, I have little ones and big ones already.
2. What sorts of things do you want to carry in your bag? eg. essentials only (purse, phone, keys etc), craft stuff, nappies, toys to keep kids amused? Daily Essentials when I go to town.
3. Do you prefer shoulder bags, backpacks or clutch bags? I prefer shoulder or backpacks
4. Dressy or casual? Casualish
5. Colour preferences (also state whether you like pastels, brights or muted tones). somewhere in the middle, not too bright but not too dull.
6. How do you like to carry your bag? I for example like over the shoulder or across the body but I know some people who are happy to carry it in their hand (by the handle). I don't mind how I carry, it depends on my mood.

Family Update 13 Aug 2007

Good news from America.

My little brother James got engaged yesterday. He and Mary have been wanting to get engaged for about a year now and they finally got the o.k. from her parents as my brother has finally got his permanent position at his work.

Congratulations James and Mary

I can't wait until I get to go over there for the Wedding, hopefully mid next year.

Also just quickly, here is the latest photo of Baby Sam, taken last night after his bath. He loves it when I get him out of the bath and wrap him up in one of the nice fluffy towels that my mum bought for him. Sam is also looking forward to going to America for the Wedding.

No sewing yet. Soon

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday 15 July 2007 Sewing & Sam

I actually got some sewing done today. Sam is teething at the moment and is going through about 5 bibs per day. So here his today's handywork. Not too exciting but I had some nice thick towelling material that was nice and bright. I copied a pattern off another big bib that I like to put on him. Appliqued some nice bright fabric on the front and taadaaa.

Also here are some really cute pics of Sam in an outfit that my someone knitted for him. Isn't he the cutest thing you ever did see.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sam & Rain Update 4 July 2007

So things have been pretty good here lately. We have had a fair bit of rain and the ground is finally soaking up and getting a bit muddy. Unfortuately the rain is a bit late for the grass to grow too much because it is so cold now but at least the water tanks are full and the dams are starting to get water back in them.

Marcus has been very busy cutting wood for the fire to keep us warm in our old draughty house, they are only feeding the stock a couple of times a week now because there is a little bit of grass on the ground, we won't see any serious grass until the spring but it's enough for now.

Sam is growing so quickly and is babbling away in baby talk, he already loves to have a chat so I can't wait to see what he is like when he can actually say words. He will be 3 months on Friday, time has certainly gone so fast.

This is a photo of him dressed up in a Tigger suit that we were given by a lovely couple who had a little boy before us. The hat and mittens are a bit big, I don't think they officially go with the suit but he looks so cute don't you think???

This is a photo of Sam and I in the bath. I thought I had better have one of me seeing as how I put one of Marcus in the bath with him. I hope this doesn't offend anyone.

A big HI to my James and Mary in America. Wish I could have visited with Mum but maybe next year. Take care both of you and Jimmy stop working so hard.

That's all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sleeping bag for Sam

Here is my latest project, a sleeping bag for baby Sam. I have made it a bit big so it will fit him next year. It gets so cold here I have lined it with a layer of polyester batting and then cotton. The outside is polar fleece although not too thick. Oh and I used my new snap press on it, that was really fun.

Next I will start on a light cotton one for summer.

Sam is getting so big and is nearly holding his head up all by himself. He is 11 weeks this week. He is really funny and smiles and laughs at us alot. He is really chatty and makes lots of cute noises and talks to us when we chat to him.

I have some more sewing soon hopefully.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Monday 28 May 2007 Update

Well things have been good here on the farm. We have had a few inches of rain and the water tanks have filled up. There still needs to be a fair bit more to fill the dams and keep the grass growing. Unfortunately we may not get enough warm weather now until spring to make the grass grow too much but we will still take any rain we can get. The lambs will be arriving soon so I will take some photo's when they do.

For now, here are some photo's of our little boy Sam. He is 7 1/2 weeks old now and is smiling at everyone and gurgling away in conversation. It is really amazing how each day brings new changes. We are having so much fun watching him grow before our eyes.

The first photo is of one of Sam's smiles, it's not a full one but it gives you a taste. The second photo is of Sam and Dad in the bath I know what you are thinking and yes I do feed my husband, he is just one of those people who never put on weight, they are so cute together. Sam has kept his modesty with the little bath thermometer that my cousin gave us . The other photo is Sam wearing his Bum Jumper that I made for him out of an old woolen jumper. It keeps him warm and dry without having to wear those horrid plastic nappy covers and at night he doesn't get as smelly when he does lots of Wees.

P.S Last night we had our first sleep through. He went to bed at 11pm and didn't wake up until 6am. Oh the bliss of 7 hours uninterrupted sleep.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Baby Samuel Update Wed 2 May 2007

Well so far everything has been going o.k. I ended up with a bit of Mastitis (luckily mum was here that week and helped out soooo much). Now I have a cold and feel awful when I get up at night to feed the little one.

However, he is such a good little boy that I cannot complain. He only cries when he wants a feed or is uncomfortable and He is happy to lie in his bassinette when I need to do some washing or a bit of housework. I have discovered "Pocket Nappies" which are just the best thing ever invented, so easy to use and so easy to care for. Here are a few more photo's of little Sam. One with Marcus after a feed and the other in bed with my mum.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Baby Samuel

Introducing baby Samuel Jacob Clarke. Born on 6 April 2007 (Good Friday), weighing in at 8lb 14 and 51cm long. He did not want to come out of his home but we got there eventually. He is absolutely beautiful (I know I am biased), he didn't have any wrinkles or blotches but had beautiful skin and a little bit of dark hair on top.

So far he is being very good. He eats well and then goes down for a sleep for a while. He does cry and fuss a little especially when it is nappy change time but then he settles straight away when cuddled. We are (of course) using cloth nappies even though we are on tank water supplies. I am a greenie at heart and the chemicals and process involved in making disposables are just awful for both the environment and the baby. I have some really great modern cloth nappies that are very easy to use so there is really not too much hardship except an extra load of washing every few days.

Overall it was a pretty harrowing birth but Marcus was just wonderful and was there beside me encouraging me the whole way. I cannot say it was a beautiful experience but the end result is just perfect.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Calf Friday 16 March 2007

This one is for Mary (and Jimmy) in America, thought you might like to see one of our calves. His mother is not well enough to make milk so we are looking after him, he is a little Short-Horn calf, they are the cutest cause you never know what colour combination of white and red they will come out . I am looking at my worst but who cares - the cows certainly don't.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kitchen Swap Wednesday 14 March 2007

Here are the answers to the Kitchen Swap questions.

1. What colours are you kitchen.
We will be getting a new house plopped down on our land sometime this year and I will be having a lovely neutral kitchen so I don't care what colours things are.

2. What is your favourite appliance
My Easy cook oven. We only have a wood fired stove at the moment and I refuse to light it in the summer so easycook saved my life. It also makes everything so healthy cause it's fan forced and everything is cooked on racks and you can make great chips and schnitzel with no fat.

3. What do you love cooking most
I love cooking Lasagne. I have a really huge dish that we got for an engagement pressie but have only used it one cause it doesn't fit in the easycook, so I am looking forward to my new kitchen with a nice big oven. I also like cooking cakes and biscuits for my husband cause he has such a sweet tooth but never puts on a single gram.

4. What item would you love the most from your swap partner
I would love some oven mitts, I have been meaning to make some but haven't gotten around to it. I really don't mind what I get cause I just love being a part of this thing.

I will be really good and post sewing photo's tonight of all the things I have made the last few months.
I will also be putting a photo up for Mary (brothers girlfriend). We have some gorgeous calves at the moment and a couple a on the bottle so I thought she would like to see them.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wednesday 14 Feb 2007

Well I am just a very lucky girl. I got my sewing group valentines swap and it has soooo many goodies in it. It is from the lovely Joanne and I am so greatful. It has 3 different fabrics in it, including 2 lovely baby prints. A stitches magazine, and a little bag full of goodies like rik rak and sewing supplies.

Thank you Joanne.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Saturday 10 Feb 2007

This is a photo especially for my little brother to see. He is so far away at the moment and I am sure he possibly never expected to see this at all.

I got DH to take this photo this morning so excuse the bed hair. I am only wearing a sports bra and the daggy drawstring shorts that I made to run around the farm in. I have pulled the shorts down so you get the full picture.

I only have 7 weeks to go now and I don't think I am too huge. Toby the wonder dog decided to join me in the photo, he loves to show off and he really is the smartest, best working kelpie I have ever met.

Hope this doesn't put you off your food.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sunday 14 January 2007 Baby Bag

This is great, I am so proud of it. I was a fishing widow yesterday afternoon, so I said stuff the housework and got stuck into my new project. I bought a simplicity Nappy Bag pattern last week and some red denim. I had a bit of trouble understanding the instructions at first as it is a complicated bag to put together. After reading through it a few times I got the gist. I think I will go with what I have learned from making other bags next time, I know a much simpler way to get almost the exact same result. Still it was a learning experience.

I have to say, however, I have also lined it with the denim and boy it makes for thick sewing. I blunted 2 needles and I think I'd better get my machine serviced soon, but I am really glad as it will be very hard wearing and long lasting. There are also 2 small pouches to go inside it in the same fabric but I was smart enough to line them in a nice light cotton. They will fit some tissues, wipes and little stuff in them. On the bag I have used a nice green piece of the denim (that I found in the remnant bin) for the pockets and the lining which I have made peek over the top to snazz it up a bit. I also double stitched all the important seams.

So here it is.

Friday, January 12, 2007

New things

Saturday 13 January 2007,
I thought that I would show off a few things that I found in Wagga this week. I had a OB appointment and went thrifting and spotlighting.

The first photo is 2 patterns that I am hoping to be clever enough to make and some fabric. There is 1 mtr each of this flannel fabric with little rockets all over it in 2 different colours, also a doona cover with one side stripes and one side circles that I thought would make a great set of PJ's for hospital. There is also a bag pattern that I got from spotlight that has a change pad and 2 smaller purses with 5 different bags that I will have to now choose which one to make as my nappy bag. I also got some great red denim for making the bag (forgot to put it in the photo).

The second photo is just a small taste of all this baby stuff that a lady I know has given me. She had her 2nd baby about 15 months ago and said I could have her nappies but then she sends me 13 flat nappies, pilchers galore and this huge brown bag that is full of clothes. I could only fit a small amount into the picture. I am so lucky that I live in a community where people do things like that. Living in the country is just wonderful. I have made a committment to only use cloth nappies. I have a few fitted ones and some flannel and terry flats that I thought I may try making some fitteds out of some.
Even though we are on tank water I cannot bring myself to use disposables. Hopefully I can stick to that resolution when bub comes along. People keep telling me to use disposables when I go out but honestly what is the difference, you still have to change the baby and I can take a nappy home and wash it just as easily. I have a front loader and instructions on dry pailing so here's hoping.
My little brother turned 29 on 12 January and has gone up to Baltimore to spend the weekend with Mary. Hope he has a wonderful birthday. We are thinking of him.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sunday 7 January 2007.
Welcome to the New Year Everyone. I had my last baby free new year and Hubby and I enjoyed a nice night out at the Golf Club where they had a great DJ who had the whole place rocking young and old. We grooved until about 12.30 then went home like an old married couple. I felt tired by then anyway because I only have 12 weeks to go now.

I have some answers to a Valentines Day Swap that I am participating in with an online sewing group that I am lucky enough to be a part of.

Kids:None Yet. 1st one due on April 1 this year.
Favourite Colours: I love green but am trying to get into some brighter colours like pinks & yellows etc, because people keep telling me I look good in brights.
What do I find Garish about Valentines Day: It has become very commercialised and people feel the need to spend too much money on each other.
What Do I love about Valentines Day: It can bring out the romantic in anyone. People who would usually take their partner for granted show their appreciation on this day (hopefully).
My Favourite Fabric/Habby/Sewing Item: Not sure if I have one. I love to add simple embellishments to simple things, like ribbon to a plain dress or buttons to a plain dress or top or even quilt.
Hopefully this helps whoever gets me in the swap.

p.s. My brother who has lived in America since April, spent New Years in Washington DC. I feel kind of sorry for him, even though he is having the most amazing experience overseas and has met a lovely girlfriend, he hasn't seen/been in a proper winter for well over 10 years. Hope you are not feeling too cold Jimmy, hopefully Mary keeps you warm with lots of nice hugs