Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Book Review: Herbal Goddess by Amy Jirsa

Feedback for "Herbal Goddess"

Discover the Amazing Spirit of 12 Healing Herbs with Teas, Potions, Salves, Food, Yoga, and More

5 Stars

So much goodness from only 12 herbs.

I loved this book and here are my reasons.
1. The look, it's just beautiful to look at, from the second you open it you are presented with gorgeous photo's, that fill the page and also create the background. The different font styles used, the colours, the setting out of chapters and sections. It's all just a gorgeous book to look at.
2. The information. Now if you are just not interested in herbs at all, you may be one of those that think it's all hippy mumbo-jumbo, then this book is not for you.  BUT...
If you have even just a teeny bit of interest in herbs and what they can do then I recommend this book highly.
She has taken just 12 herbs, many of which you could find in the yard, the park, the side of the road or a nearby farm.  You could grow them all yourself if you wish, most would grow easily.
These 12 herbs can do so much, I thought I knew a little about herbs but I hardly knew anything.
The amount of information packed into this book on those 12 herbs is amazing.
There is a variety of sections for each herb with all the ways you can use them in cooking, beauty, for the mind, even yoga poses chosen to compliment the individual herb.
There is even more but then this review would get too long.

Have I mentioned how much I loved it, well I do and I will be using it a lot.

I received no payment in any form for this review.....

It was an Advance Reader Copy book for review.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Hand Stitched Home by Susan Beal

"Hand-Stitched Home"

Projects to Sew with Pendleton® & Other Wools  by Susan Beal


I rate it 4 Stars


This is a beautiful book, to look at.
When I requested to read this book I didn't realise that it was all about using wool and fabric from Pendleton Wool Mill for the projects.
The Author obviously has a deep love and respect for the fabrics and products produced by Pendleton, just reading her words makes me want to own a few pieces and get myself some fabric to use for myself too..
There is a wonderful piece on the history of the company, their production methods and designs that is very interesting, she then goes onto give information about wool, weights and uses.
There are some basics on sewing implements, stitching and piecing then you get right into the projects of which there are 25, they range from quite simple to more difficult applique and piecing.  None of them are extremely difficult but all are very well outlined, explained with some great diagrams and photos.
They all give you the type and weight of pendleton wool that is used which is helpful if you need to substitute, and some give you substitution ideas too..

This book made me want to get some wool and make a cushion or a blanket or a scarf and I am looking forward to the cooler weather when I will do just that.