Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 Work In Progress Challenge.

AJ has devised an evil plan to help some of us finish our un-finished projects in our ever increasing Quilting stash.

12 WIP's in 2012

So far I have only found about 4 quilts that are unfinished but that doesn't count all the fabric that I have chosen patterns for and not even cut up yet.

I have made a new page to showcase my progress but here is the list so far, there are still a few places I have not looked..

1. Flimsy of Basic Ease from Modern Basics Book
2. Flimsy of Posie Patch from Modern Basics which also needs a bit of applique
3. Blocks assembled using Cappuccino Bali Pop, needs to be flimsy'd and finished.
4. Blocks from Carol Doak's 2011 Twisted Myster Paper pieceing, all fabric cut out but only a couple of blocks complete.
5. Fabric cut out for a Star quilt (very old WIP).