Thursday, December 31, 2009



We were in bed by 10pm, that's what happens when you have a very active 2.5year old and a teething 9 month old.

this month I was quite productive in my finishes so here they are:

A mini quilt made out of a favourite old t-shirt. You can't really see the swirly quilting but I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.
A note book/diary cover to fit any A5 book for my cousin Kate, it has her name embroidered on the spine on the front.
A Zippered pouch/pencil case for my cousin's eldest son.
A Zippered pouch/pencil case for my cousin's youngest son.
One for my nephew Jack
One for my niece Gaby
One for my nephew James
A Table runner that went to Italy for Valentina for the Avent Swap.

There was another table runner but I must have accidentally deleted the photo but it was a christmas one for another swap and it went to Xena

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Merry Clarke Christmas

Well the big day has come and gone.

The kids did very well but thank goodness not too well.

Jess scored some beautiful clothes in some larger sizes (thank goodness) along with some toys, books and other great gifts.

Sam got a couple of wonderful trucks, some books and so much great stuff.

Here is just a couple of quick photo's, it all happened too fast to get many photo's.
Jess is wishing she got a big yellow truck too. Her grandma Clarke got her the pretty pink dress with matching bloomers. Sam just couldn't share on Christmas day and I can't really blame him, another day maybe.

Here is Sam in the middle of 2 of my cousins children. Ben on the left and Oliver on they right. They had come down to the farm for christmas from Sydney. It was a massive family affair at my aunts place just up the road, but I was too busy trying eat my lunch in between chasing Sam and soothing Jess. I think it was a bit too much for both of them and we had to go home for them to have a sleep in the afternoon before we headed over to Husbands family at Cudgewa for dinner in the evening.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ho Ho Ho, Christmas Swap time

I have been a very lucky girl.
I have been participating in 2 Christmas swaps.
This first one is one from the Essential Baby Crafty Folks.

My lovely partner is ANNA who has the lovely little TillyTom Store on Made it.
She sent me the most amazing parcel containing the following:

Some lovely handmade coasters, a lovely roll of 2.5 inch strips in the Moda Cherry Fabrics, and this next bit is the best, some of her handmade hairclips, a lovley fabric covered button and one of her handmade drawing wallets they are really cute and only measure about 5 x 7 inches when closed up.
You can see here the drawing wallet is opened up and it has a little plain notepad and some lovely twistable crayons in it. You can get them at her store they would make a wonderful gift, it's not too late...


For the past 21 days I have been opening presents from my Avent Swap that was so thoughfully organised by Fiona.

My swap partner was the lovely Valentina from Italy and she has sent me the most wonderful box of goodies.

Here is a photo of SOME of them, I say some because the chocolates are all in the fridge as they would be melted if they weren't but they are the good ones. My husband is just beside himself, he loves chocolate and I have had to have stern words with him about not touching them.

Some lovely fat quarters of fabric. Some with bears and squares, some with holly for christmas, just lovley Some very cute star stickers that Sam is just aching to try out and some yummy drinking chocolate that I am keeping until Winter because I love a Hot Choc in the Winter, this pic also has the latest batch of gormet chocolates, I swear she must think i need fattening up...

This is a misture of a lovley pencil for tracing onto fabric, A gorgeous rubber stamp, some quilling paper, and the little flower basket thing actually opens up to have some sewing needles inside would you believe, very cute.
Next we have some very cute gingham ribbon, some embroidery thread in a very pretty peach colour and some cute as can be wooden pegs with sheep and flowers on them.This is a little bell that is painted green and has white snowflakes on it. Sam and Jess just love it, we don't have a tree this year but it will definately be on one next year. And last for today the most enormous tea towel I have ever seen. That is sam holding it up for me, he did a wonderful job, he is only 2 1/2 and is about 3ft 2in and had to hold it above his head. It is a map of Italy and has all the different pasta's all over it in the regions that they come from. It also has some yummy looking pasta sauce recipes on it that I will make once I have translated them. I will be back in a few days with the rest of the presents.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Well after much deliberation by my very careful husband he has nominated:
Sarah doesn't have a blog yet as she is a very new sewer, here is what she said.

"My stash is small but growing. I only learnt to use my sewing machine 2 weeks ago and I'm having a ball! My fav colour is green."

I am about to contact Sarah by e-mail so hopefully I will hear back from her very soon.

Thank you to everyone who has visited, I had a ball looking at everyon's blogs and reading the comments.

Maybe I will see everyone next time, if I am able I will throw in some of my handmade soap next time, it was a bit hard at this time of year with christmas orders I am out of stock.

Monday, December 07, 2009


Thank you to everyone who stopped by and entered my giveaway's.
I didin't get as many as last time which is fine as it was easier for my poor husband to pick a winner, well he had trouble picking so he just did the old draw a name out of a hat.
The winner of the Knitting pack is....
who wrote
"I am mainly into crochet but I do love to knit too. These wooly crafts are the best as they are portable. I can crochet/knit in the doctor's waiting room, while my kids are in the bath, by the fire at get the picture."

The winner of the Sewing pack is...

Well husband likes to take his time about these things but I will be posting that tonight.

Congratulations Kate.
I will send you out an e-mail and wait to hear from you. If I don't hear from you 5 days from today I will re-draw the winners.
Just so you know there will be a little surprise in your parcel.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Welcome to Giveaway Day

Click to see the rest of the giveaways

I am having 2 little giveaway's this year.


This is a selection of fabrics from my stash. I will be going through and finding a few more things as the next few days goes by but for now this is the start.
The smallest piece is not quite a Fat quarter. The largest pices is nearly 1m.


To win please leave a short comment telling me how big your stash is and what your favourite colour is.

I will be reading all the comments and I will let my husband choose the winner.

I will close entries at 9am 7 December 2009.



Welcome to Giveaway day

Click to see the rest of the giveaways

I am having 2 little giveaway's this year.


This page is for some Knitting goodies and there is a separate post for the Sewing supplies.

Here is a picture of the knitting goodies.

On the right is a book by Cleckheaton that I purchased some years ago, it has 9 knits for 8 ply yarn.
On the right is a book that I was lucky enough to get in a box of goodies from a Garage Sale, it is by Patons and has lovely sections on how to knit and crochet and some great vintage patterns. This one is a collectors item and I could sell it on e-bay, but I thought someone here would appreciate it.
Down the bottom is a large selectin of needles that came with the vintage book. There is a heap of double pointed needles and other regular needles in a variety of sizes. I am also currently going through my stuff to see if there is anything else I can put in, some wool possibly.
This is all for one person.
All you have to do is leave me a message telling me what you love about knitting.
I want this to go to someone who loves to knit not just someone who is entering just for the sake of it.
I will be reading all the comments and I will let my husband choose the winner.

I will close entries at 9am 7 December 2009.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finished in November

I actually remembered to take some photos of my finished projects this month, well I missed a couple but here is the ones I have.
A little purse that I had been asked to make some time ago.

Another little purse for another person

And another purse just for the sake of it, it's quicker to make them in a production line.

2 little doll quilts that measure about 13" x 20" that I made for a doll quilt swap for 2 little girls.

A little quilt that I made for a swap that I made and sent the clock mechanism to go with it.

I hope I am not too late posting this entry.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

8 Month update

I was extremely remiss last month and did not update a photo of Jess on her quilt.
It was a terrible month for me, Sam was sick with a tummy bug for 10 days and Jess had a cold for about the same time straight after he got better.
So now, just when things were going well and she was sleeping from 7pm to 5am she now wakes up 3 or 4 times a night. It doesn't help that the teeth are finally coming through, the first one broke the gum on Sunday and is here to stay.
We have had some ridiculously hot weather for late spring, the days have been mid to late 30's and until last week this was the only way for the kids to stay cool.

I have now invested in a clamshell and they just love it. I can sit on the verandah in a chair behind Jess and catch her if she topples over but I can still read a book and it's very pleasant as Sam is very kind and splashes my feet for me.

We have our all the way around verandah now and in the afternoon the eastern side is full shade and gets a lovely breeze sometimes so it's just bliss for all of us.

And here is the picture of Jess on her quilt, she has grown so much and is quite the character.

She sits up realy well now, she can't get herself up but is getting there. She isn't crawling yet but I expect it won't be long as she rolls herself to wherever she wants to go and gets up on her hands and knees and rocks alot. She also seems to like the push up position... don't know what that's all about.

Finally my pics have uploaded so that's it.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Doll quilt swap for Jess

I was lucky enough to receive a parcel in the mail this week and today (Saturday) was opening day.

The lovely TINA (sorry can't find her blog addy ATM) made this little Doll Quilt for Jess. It is so very cute with pinks, browns and greens that are put together so well. There is a Matroyshka doll that is puffed up a little and the detail on the doll is quilted. There is also some quilting on the background that has a flower and a heart.

I got some wonderful extra's with a new un-picker (needed), some buttons, ribbon, a very cute little pin cushion and 2 panels with such funny sayings on them.

Jess loves it already as you can see by the photo, Sam got one 2 years ago and now they both have a lovely little quilt for the toys.

I would show you a picture of the one that I made and sent away but as per usual I forgot to take one, so hopefully I can get one off the person when it is opened.
As per usualy my postie stuffed me up and didn't take it when it was in our box so it won't get there until Monday and I am highly embarrassed but thank goodness it went on Friday, now it just has to not get lost.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Swaps and Wins October was good to me...

This first quilt is an absolute work of art. It was sent to me from the USA.
It depicts the ocean and a sunrise in Carolina. She based it on a photo that a friend of hers took. You can see a copy of the photo in the 2nd picture that she put on the label on the back of the quilt.

This quilt is a little swap received from The Netherlands. It is really cute with 4 little mushrooms. It also had a lovely piece of paisley fabric and some Ric Rac and some little pegs with cute birds on them. I love the whole thing...

This is also sooo cute. It is from Sandy in Buenos Aires. She put a lovely little applique bird on a branch in some very accurate squares. There is also a lovley piece of butterly fabric and some ribbon, I am too lucky.

This last picture is of 2 things that I won in October, the item on the left is a little Techie bag, well it's actually bigger than I thought it would be. It's so beautifully made and would carry a camera and some extra items or some toiletries for a night away. It is a lovley giveaway that I won during the Bloggers Autumn Quilt Festival and it comes from Terri at Patchwork Trails on Etsy.
The 2nd item is the red thing on the top right. It's a handcarved stamp by Ruthie Powers at Next Signal Designs/ She had a giveaway on her blog that I was lucky enough to win.

Finished in October

I have been doing quite a bit lately but only small projects.
Here are 3 that I was lucky enough to get finished in October.
This is one I have been working on for a swap but decided to go in a different direction so it is mine until I find a home worthy. It is approx 23" x 15".
This was one I sent away for a Summer theme swap. The recipient sent me a lovley thank you so it seemed to be well received. I strip pieced the back ground and appliqued some items that looked very summery like surfboards, cocktail drinks and I Quilted the background blue in waves because it was supposed to be the sea. It is approx 22" x 15"
This is one that I also made for a mini swap. I love making flying geese and the background is randomly quilted. It is only 12" x 10".

Friday, October 09, 2009


Come one come all and have a look at the most fantastic list of quilting the world has ever seen....
Did I get your attention.
Amy aka parkcitygirl is hosting the Fall Quilt Festival 2009. A wonderful collection of quilts on blogs from all over the world. Anyone is eligible to enter so go and have a look, or if you don't want to enter just go and browse through the list of entrants, it will blow your mind.
Click here:

My entry is this wonderful Double Wedding Ring quilt that I made for my brother when we went over to Baltimore USA for his wedding in June 2008. He and the lovely Mary tell me they treasure it and are using it as I have asked them to. I always get cranky when my quilts don't get used.
I used 2 Moda Shangri-La Jelly rolls for the rings and quilters muslin for the background, it was professionaly quilted and then I did the binding during the evenings in our Hotel room in the 2 weeks before the wedding.
The photo is a little odd as I had to take it on the floor of the Hotel room. But the 2nd photo is the best, they unwrapped it specially at their reception so I could take a photo of them in their quilt and their wedding finery.

So head over to have a look at some of the entries, its so worth the time and there are some great sponsors that have donated prizes.

Monday, September 28, 2009

6 Month Upadate

It's a bit overdue. I have had the pictures sitting in the Camera for a week or 2 but here they are.
It's just incredible how time goes way too fast.
I want it to slow down so I can enjoy this, but I don't think it's going to do that.
Jess decided to learn how to roll onto her tummy.
But wasn't very impressed when I dashed off to get the camera and she hadn't figured out how to get back over yet.

Look at how much she has grown since we first received this quilt from my lovely quilting friends. Look HERE to see her 6 months ago.
This is just to show our lovely green grassat the moment, we went up the paddock and saw the men this day while they were up in the sheep yards. The paddocks are all lovely and green with a bit of grass and the Dams are all full, we have had a excellent lateWinter/early spring for rain and we are hoping for a bit more before the really hot weather gets here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swapping & Thrifty goodness

First off today we will start with the thrifty goodnes I found while in town on Monday.
A rare trip to Albury with Sam staying home with my lovely Mother in law and Jess having a nice sleep in the pram mean that I got time to look around a couple of thrift shops.
Who would have thought that one of them was having a $2 sale, not per item but per bag. The lady even packed it for me way better than I would have.
So I got some great pillowcases, some lovely fabric with circles on it (already in use for a new quilt), and the pink thing on the right is a really cute tablecloth.
The second photo is also stuff that she managed to fit in the bag, 3 100% wool jumpers. The one on the far right is 100% Alpaca...soooooo soft.... and the striped one is lambswool.
It was just my lucky day I guess.

The next 2 quilts are of swap quilts I have just received.
The first one is tiny, only about 12" big, it is from Swap Till You Drop in Flickr
The theme for August was buildings or houses, mine is on it's way to Dave and Suzi today.

It's so cute there are 2 little tents and outside them is a Doll and a rabbit, it's just lovely.

This next one is truly a work of art.
It was from the Quilting GallerySpring Blooms Swap my partner was Lilliana.
It is a full size mini at 24". I don't know if you can see it in the photo but the top right hand corner is a blue winged butterfly, it is 3D with the body of the butterfly being stuffed and squishy. The bottom left hand corner has a lovely yellow flower that is also dimensional and a bit puffy. The centre is cut out with a beaded lattice running through it with butterflies fussy cut and stuck onto the lattice.

These next 2 are from me to 2 other people. One of them is for Suzi who sent me the lovely little tent one above from the Swap till you drop flickr group, the other one is for a lovely lady called Ana from Portugal who is my partner in the Crafternoon Tea swap flickr group for September.

This one is 2 little houses that are only about 6" and a little pouch/purse
The next one is a little house that is about 12" square.
I had so much fun making these little houses. I found them in a book that I bought, it's Japanese but the diagrams are really easy to understand and all I have to do is trace out the templace and go from there.

Not too much else is happening. Busy on the farm with shearing coming up in the next few weeks if we can get some shearers, they are pretty scarce these days even though the money is really good if you can do a good job.
We have had some horrible winds with 100km/hr and over, luckily none of our trees have come down and our new house and verandah are still standing.
Our boys play in the preliminary final Aussie Rules football this Saturday so we will all have our fingers crossed to be going to a Grand Final game next weekend, it will be the first one in mega-years and will probably be husbands last chance at a 1st grade final game so keep the boys in your thoughts.
Bye for now.