Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well I discussed it with Mr and he came up with a number for me.

I had 108 tickets sold and I was so happy to be able to help in that small way along with donating myself of course.

So who is the winner you ask.

It was random number 22 who is Samelia's Mum.  I will be contacting her tonight to tell her the good news.  Go and check out her blog, she does the most amazing raw edge applique and has recently done a tutorial on a very cute mug rug.

A huge thank you to Toni of Make It Perfect who organised all the lists for Auctions and Raffles.  I can't wait to see how much money was raised.

And lastly a huge thank you to everyone who bid and donated and just got involved in this wonderful online event.

They still have a long way to go for recovery up in Queensland but hopefully our efforts helped a bit.

Please also spare a thought for the town in Victoria who are now suffering flooding.

Our wonderful country really is a mystery to us but it just goes to show, you cannot fight Mother Nature, you can prepare for what you think she may throw your way but you just never know what it's going to be.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

***CLOSED*** Thankyou Flood Relief Raffle Quilt


Welcome to my raffle if you are visiting from the Make it Perfect blog if not then click on the button below anytime after Sunday and there will be a master list of places you can visit and support the Flood Appeal.


It is now quilted and bound and has finished up a nice lap or baby size quilt at 37" square, I have taken this photo on our clothes line which is in front of our vege garden.  The second photo is of the back so you can get a clear picture of the quilting.  It's basic straight line quilting, it was "organic" with no lines drawn.

I was going to do an Auction but I want 'Everyone' to have a chance to win it.
I will do a raffle.
For every $2 you donate to the QLD FLOOD RELIEF you will get 1 ticket.
For every $5 you will get 3 tickets.

So if you only have $4 then you get 2 tickets
But if you have $10 then you can have 6 tickets and so on.

I haven't been to do a donation to QLD FLOOD RELIEF yet as I have been busy sewing so I don't know if the system gives you a receipt you can send to me but it will probably have to be on an honesty system.

If you have a receipt you can feel free to e-mail it to me: beccaj74 (at)

If not I will just have to trust that people are going to be honest when they say they have donated to the cause.

It's simple to enter, leave me a comment here telling me how much you have donated and I will work up a spreadsheet in the order the comments are left and then use good old to generate numbers at the end of the Raffle which will be Monday 24 January 9am Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

I will cover the cost of postage anywhere in the World.

I also just found this cute little workshop that is only $5 to join and all money goes to the flood relief.

Kim Archer Smile Workshop


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Queensland Flood Relief Auction

Toni from Make it Perfect is organising a master list of Auctions and Raffles that will be taking place starting Monday 17 January.


I will be taking part and putting something up for people to purchase raffle tickets for.

It will be a quilt made by me, I will have more information on Monday if you want to come and look.

Postage will be included.  All ticket purchases are to be made straight to the relief fund, but I will have links and more information in the next few days.

Please visit Toni's blog on Monday and find something to bid on to help the people in the North.

Spread the word and tell everyone, you will get to bid on some fantastic items as well as donating to a wonderful and worthwhile cause.

Friday, January 07, 2011

2 Challenges for 2011

So last year I overloaded myself with sewing and Quilting challenges and I have made a promise to myself and my family that I would cut back severely on those this year.

Fair enough on everyone, I kind of felt the pressure towards the end of the year.

So the next best thing is READING...

I have just signed up for 2 reading challenges and couldn't be happier.

2 of my Quilting/Blogging friends are also doing the challenge
AJ and Kylie.  Kylie has even started a whole new blog devoted to reading...

So here is what I am doing.

2011 - 100+ Book Challenge

2011 E-book Challenge

I read every day, even if it's just 5 mins in bed before crashing each night.
I have always been a prolific reader, even way back in the day of the MS Readathon days in school.  People used to get a bit of a shock if they sponsored me per book!!!

I have already read 3 books this year and a half way through my 4th.

I have just ordered myself a Kindle from Amazon and cannot wait to get reading on it and be able to carry around stacks of books all in one tiny device.

So I have added a couple of new Pages up the top to keep tabs on my tally.

Watch out!!!