Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Calf Friday 16 March 2007

This one is for Mary (and Jimmy) in America, thought you might like to see one of our calves. His mother is not well enough to make milk so we are looking after him, he is a little Short-Horn calf, they are the cutest cause you never know what colour combination of white and red they will come out . I am looking at my worst but who cares - the cows certainly don't.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kitchen Swap Wednesday 14 March 2007

Here are the answers to the Kitchen Swap questions.

1. What colours are you kitchen.
We will be getting a new house plopped down on our land sometime this year and I will be having a lovely neutral kitchen so I don't care what colours things are.

2. What is your favourite appliance
My Easy cook oven. We only have a wood fired stove at the moment and I refuse to light it in the summer so easycook saved my life. It also makes everything so healthy cause it's fan forced and everything is cooked on racks and you can make great chips and schnitzel with no fat.

3. What do you love cooking most
I love cooking Lasagne. I have a really huge dish that we got for an engagement pressie but have only used it one cause it doesn't fit in the easycook, so I am looking forward to my new kitchen with a nice big oven. I also like cooking cakes and biscuits for my husband cause he has such a sweet tooth but never puts on a single gram.

4. What item would you love the most from your swap partner
I would love some oven mitts, I have been meaning to make some but haven't gotten around to it. I really don't mind what I get cause I just love being a part of this thing.

I will be really good and post sewing photo's tonight of all the things I have made the last few months.
I will also be putting a photo up for Mary (brothers girlfriend). We have some gorgeous calves at the moment and a couple a on the bottle so I thought she would like to see them.