Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wednesday 14 Feb 2007

Well I am just a very lucky girl. I got my sewing group valentines swap and it has soooo many goodies in it. It is from the lovely Joanne and I am so greatful. It has 3 different fabrics in it, including 2 lovely baby prints. A stitches magazine, and a little bag full of goodies like rik rak and sewing supplies.

Thank you Joanne.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Saturday 10 Feb 2007

This is a photo especially for my little brother to see. He is so far away at the moment and I am sure he possibly never expected to see this at all.

I got DH to take this photo this morning so excuse the bed hair. I am only wearing a sports bra and the daggy drawstring shorts that I made to run around the farm in. I have pulled the shorts down so you get the full picture.

I only have 7 weeks to go now and I don't think I am too huge. Toby the wonder dog decided to join me in the photo, he loves to show off and he really is the smartest, best working kelpie I have ever met.

Hope this doesn't put you off your food.