Sunday, September 18, 2011

Halloween Quilt

I just realised that i had not blogged this quilt.

I whipped it up from a layer cake early this year so I could have a sample for a market stall i was doing.

I then ended up selling it at our Football/Netball Club promise auction in August.

I was a bit sad to see it go as I was quite pleased with my first effort at stack and slash that I made up all on my own (well I got the idea from a book but did it my way)
Before quilting
Finished quilt with binding.
I got some Layer Cake squares, piled up 5 at a time and then made a 3" strip in the centre of each of them then I took the strip and cut a 3" square out of each one. 
I did this with all 42 squares and that way I could swap every single square around and mix up all the centre squares. 
I made the first strip really random so that they are off centre and out of kilter and I think it turned out alright.
One Layer Cake really makes a decent size quilt.

I straight line quilted beside each seam going up and also across.  Then I also straight line quilted down the lenght of the centre of each column to give a longer illusion.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I remember!!!

I will never forget.

Terrorism will NEVER win over the Goodness and Courage of the rest of the world.