Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Baby Samuel

Introducing baby Samuel Jacob Clarke. Born on 6 April 2007 (Good Friday), weighing in at 8lb 14 and 51cm long. He did not want to come out of his home but we got there eventually. He is absolutely beautiful (I know I am biased), he didn't have any wrinkles or blotches but had beautiful skin and a little bit of dark hair on top.

So far he is being very good. He eats well and then goes down for a sleep for a while. He does cry and fuss a little especially when it is nappy change time but then he settles straight away when cuddled. We are (of course) using cloth nappies even though we are on tank water supplies. I am a greenie at heart and the chemicals and process involved in making disposables are just awful for both the environment and the baby. I have some really great modern cloth nappies that are very easy to use so there is really not too much hardship except an extra load of washing every few days.

Overall it was a pretty harrowing birth but Marcus was just wonderful and was there beside me encouraging me the whole way. I cannot say it was a beautiful experience but the end result is just perfect.