Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Little Irish Girl turns 1

Hopefully people actually read my blog occasionally so firstly please accept my apologies for a prolonged absense. We go a new internet service which then promptly dies 1 week after installation and it took almost 4 weeks to get a new modem.

Secondly this post is almost 1 week late, mostly due to the above problem but also due to having to get my computer fully wiped and re-loaded, it is now running like a dream and other than having to re-install all my programs and things it's just great.

So we are here to celebrate the following event...

On Wednesday 17 March 2010 Jessica Grace Clarke turned 1.

Yes she is a little Irish girl, I didn't even realise when we picked her name during the day after she was born that it's quite an Irish name. It's quite fitting really, I have 1/4 Irish blood in me from my lovely Nan.

My lovely Nan passed away just 2 months agao at the ripe age of 98, she was a wonderful lady who had an amazing life but it is a small blessing that she is now gone to meet my Pop.

Back to Jess.

It was a big day for all. Mum was visiting and we rushed down to Rutherglen for her to have a job interview (hopefully she will be only 2 hrs away soon instead of 12).

Then we rushed back to Albury for Hi-5. I bought the tickets ages ago, more for Sam as he loves them and we watch them on TV but it was nice that it fell on Jess' birthday. As usual I forgot to take the Camera with me but it was a great show. I even had fun and I think mum did too.

Sam was a bit overwhelmed I think with all the kids screaming and the music was quite loud but he warmed up and even went up the front for a Hi-5 from them at the end.

Jess snuggled up to my neck for a quick 1/2 hr power nap and then had a lovely time standing up on my lap dancing, singing and clapping.

We were all very tired by the end of the 1 3/4 hr drive home so it was straight in the bath, dinner and bed.

Here is my little girl fresh out of the bath that night on her lovely quilt that she got from my lovely friends Helen, AJ & Adds .

She has 6 teeth now (every one has been a nightmare). She says Dad, Mum, Ta and some other stuff that I can't understand. She is a champion crawler so isn't walking on her own yet as crawling is just too efficient but she walks around the furniture and likes to stand up on her own so it won't be long before I am chasing both of them.

She loves Sam so much. When he isn't pushing her away from the toys they get along famously and he can be so cute with her and really does love her, all except for her sloppy kisses that she gives with an open mouth and her tongue hanging out.

Back later with more information there is lots to tell but I just had to get this important post done.