Friday, August 15, 2008

Another lovely wedding

Well once again I have not been sewing as have been extremely busy looking after Sam and Marcus, but, last Saturday we went to another wonderful Wedding.

We made a dash up to Sydney to go to my cousin Peter's wedding. It was yet another beautiful ceremony and very fun reception. The bride looked absolutely radiant and big Pete looked very handsome as per usual. The DJ was really good and we danced the night away and everyone had a great time until we got kicked out at closing time.

This is Peter and Lucy taking over from the DJ.

Monday, August 04, 2008

16 Months on 6 August 2008

I thought I would do this update while my internet connection is working well.

Tomorrow is 6 August and our little guy will be 16 months old. How amazing that it has gone this quickly. He is walking, running, making lots of animal noises and starting to say some words.
Here is a list: Go, No (of course), Up, Oh Dear, Bath, Car, Dad, Mum, Yum, Pa (Grandpa), and this is the strange one he says Ratbag, it's really funny. He is very independent and likes to feed himself as you can see above, he does a pretty good job really.

We had some lovely rain in July and there was actually puddles for a week so one day when Sam and I went out walking he discovered them, boy did he have a great time.

As for us Marcus is busy feeding the Sheep and Cows. I am busy looking after the Ratbag and trying to get a bit of sewing done.

Half my stuff is over at our new house which we should move into next week so I am just preparing for a colourwash hexagon quilt that I have decided to make with a heap of charm squares that I had left over. The squares are 4" and the hexagons will be 3" and there will be about 100 of them or so of all colours and I will be hand piecing them.