Friday, June 26, 2009

Swap Quilt complte

I actually finished this the other day but have not had time to blog it.
It is a mini quilt measuring 20 x 21 inches, that I did for an international swap and it is currently winging its way to the USA. The theme was "Spring Blooms" and I found a lovely free pattern here: Dontlooknow
and thought that i would use it for my quilt. I am not very good at making up my own patterns yet but I did change it a little by adding a couple of tulips and my quilting is just basic contour quilting following some of the lines and patterns made by the applique.

She makes the loveliest patterns and some ladies I know are lucky enough to be going to a workshop with her soon, I don't live close enough but I will be keeping my eye out for one in the future near me.
Anyway, I howe my recipient likes this little offering. My swapee is a wonderful quilter and this is not up to her standard by any means but I made it with love and I had a wonderful time doing some techniques that I have only learnt this last year, I think it looks great so hopefully she does too.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

3 Months already

My oh my how time flies. It has been 3 months since we had Jess and already I can't think of how life was without her.

Jess and Sam on their lovely EB Aunties Quilt click on the Jess label on the sidebar to see how much she has grown every month.

Sam is a pretty good big brother for a 2 year old, he just wants to play, but he loves to hold her hand and if she cries he asks if she's o.k. It's really very cute.

Speaking of Sam he can be very 2 at the moment but we still love him and it really must be hard not being able to do everything you want and not understanding why.

Everything else here on the farm is great, not enough rain as usual but we had a little in the Autumn which will hopefully keep us going for a while. Husband is doing well and their football (AFL) team has actually won lots of games this year and we are hoping they make it into the finals and he is playing really well too, I am not playing netball this year but am working on my Umpiring which I am loving.

I nearly forgot, I got a lovely parcel in the mail today it contained 6 beautiful coasters and a lovely bag to keep them in from my swap partner in Texas USA.

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Monday, June 08, 2009


It's over finally, the SEWN giveaway is finished and I have used the ever so popular random number generator to pick a winner who is



Thank you to everyone who visited and entered, I have had a wonderful time visiting all the other blogs and my blog following list is just getting ridiculous.

Don't forget I am participating in a Pay It Forward and I have one space left to make something for someone just click here: PAY IT FORWARD