Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Making Quilts and Baby photo's

Well I have been flat out this week, cutting out my next few projects. I have 6 quilts to make, although not all of them have to be made now, I am trying to get all the cutting out done. Here is a photo of how I have organised myself. I have labelled some snaplock bags and put all the cut out pieces in them, it makes it easier. The thing in the middle is my Moda Jelly Roll, I am so in love with these, they have the most beautiful fabrics.

Sam is grown so fast, here are the latest photo's that I took this morning especially to post here. He is not quite sitting up on his own yet and I had to keep propping him up but he is getting really tall and so funny, he is wearing his little red Flannie and his wool long soakers that I made out of an old jumper.

Sam can say Mum, Bub & Dad but he doesn't really know what they mean yet. He loves going for walks and being outside and laughs at the dog when it barks. We took him to his first Bull Sale a few weeks ago and he was having so much fun, squealing, laughing and waving his hands at all the noise that we thought he was going to buy a Bull.