Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Wednesday 20 December 2006
I have finally done it. I only had about 3 things that would still fit around my pregnant belly so I sat down on the weekend and made a skirt and a dress, and they are fit to show the world. The skirt is just a metre of a paisley fabric that I cut in half from the selvedge and sewed as one long piece then gathered a bit until it fit as a wrap around so that it can expand with me. I used a piece of red ribbon around the top.
The dress was another metre of fabric that I cut a single panel for the bust and then fitted it to my chest. The skirt was just the entire width of the fabric, flush around the back then with eight small tucks in the front to accommodate me & bub but not large tucks that would look ugly. I did a rolled hem on the bottom and it kind of lettuce'd it cause the material is cotton/elastine but it still looks o.k. Hopefully they both last until the end and I will get a few more things on the go this weekend. I didn't include my head in the photo cause I am really tired at the moment and it's not a good look for the www.


Anonymous said...

Bec, great outfits, well done with no patterns. Love to see the expanding belly

Belinda said...

They both look great! Love the prints.

Julie said...

How clever are you??!! What a great job you did.

The maternity dress looks great.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,
This is Mary, James girlfriend. I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog and I think it is so wonderful that you are making your own maternity clothes! I love the outfits especially that cute sundress...the stories from the farm are fascinating and I share them with James since he does not have easy access to a computer. We had lots of fun over the holidays but I know that James misses you all very much. I look forward to your next blog! Hope you all enjoyed the pictures that I sent through OFOTO.
Take care,

Corrie said...

ohhhh cute! I wish I was sewing while I was pregnant as maternity clothes are soooo expensive or so not my style! that looks great!

Anonymous said...

That dress is just fab - love the belly look lol!