Sunday, December 10, 2006

Monday 11 December 2006,

I have been tagged!!!

Five things you didn't know about me
1. My brother lives in Palm Beach USA and is a green keeper at a very posh Golf Club/Holiday Resort called "The Breakers" (look up the website to be blown away at the money some people must have to spend.
2. I have a fear of water and what I can't see underneath me. I love the water and was a real water baby/kid but in the last 10 years have developed an unreasonable fear of deep water and the "things" that I can't see. Maybe too many jaws movies.
3. My Husband only has 1 eye. In Feb 2005 he was helping his brother in the workshop and a tiny piece of steel flew up into his eye. DH is usually so safety conscious but was 5 feet away from his brother. We spent 2 terrible weeks up in Sydney with the most wonderful doctors and nurses who did everything they could but he ended up getting a prosthetic. It is amazing how some people don't even skip a beat, he shed a few tears but got straight back into the farm work and even played with his AFL team towards the end of the season. Funnily enough it brought us closer also. We had only been seeing each other since Sept 04 but we became so much closer and got engaged in April 05 and married in November 05. Strange how some things work out.
4. I was supposed to be called Sarah but my father is Jewish (not orthodox and I am catholic like mum) and in the Jewish community you cannot name a child after a relative who is still alive and at that time my great grandmother was stil with us.
5. Other than my Husband my mum and my brother are my best friends.

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