Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June finishes

I only just got my new camera in time. Will post more about that later.
Here is what I got finished this month.

I needed a new bag for my portable projects so I made a drawstring bag with 2 sections, it is pretty big it holds my medium stitchery thread box and lots of scrap fabric.

The pink thing is a swap item that I forgot to take a finished photo of before it went to the USA. It was sent about 3 weeks ago and is about 10" x 12".

Then there is 2 pairs of PJ pants for Sam

This is a lovely little bag that I made for myself with some lovely music FQ's that I got a couple of years ago, it's pretty big, about 18" wide and 12" high with 3 pockets inside and a padded shoulder strap.

And don't forget the Football Quilt

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adelaide and her Daddy

I can't take photos a the moment because I need a new camera.


This is my brother James and his gorgeous new little girl Adelaide...

She is 1 month old today!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day

Yes I know it's not here in Australia at this time.
It is in the USA.

Where my lovey brother is celebrating his first fathers day with his gorgeous 1month old daughter Adelaide.

I have some photo's of the 2 of them somewhere in my old computer which is not playing ball right now but I have something really beautiful that I was just reading that I think everyone should read.

It is written by a dad who sounds very much like my lovely husband is with our children and I am 100% positive that my brother James will be just the same with his daughter.


it's just beautiful.

Back later with photo's and things when I have a new camera that will work.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

1st Finish for June

This is a project that I started on less than 2 weeks ago. It has a bit of a back story so please read on.

A lovely man who plays football with my husband had a motorbike accident on Sunday 23 May and was airlifted to Melbourne. For a few days it was touch and go as to if he would walk again as he had broken his neck right up at the base of his skull.

We were all very relieved to hear that his spinal cord was o.k. and he was even allowed to go home within a week.

BUT, they cannot operate in case they paralyse him.

SO he has to wear a neck brace full time for the next 3-4 months until the bones heal.

I saw him yesterday and he is very sore and tired and it will take a while for his neck to heal even after the brace comes off as his muscles will be wasted.

BUT he is walking, talking and alive and may even play football again.

When I heard about his accident I just had to do something for him so I designed this:

Don't mind the scribble it's me doing my numbers. Quilting is really good math practice.

And turned it into this:

The Blue side is our club colours (AFL Kangaroos) with his number and some signatures of the players.

The Red and Black is his favourite AFL team Essendon.

It is 60" square and I am so proud of it.

You may ask why I wanted to make a man a quilt, well he has been a very loyal player for a few years. He has done more than he has to for the club and mostly he is a really nice guy. I would do it for others if I needed to try and give them some comfort.