Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well after a bit of fussing around in excel cause I don't know how to make blogger number my comments, I managed to transfer all the comments over and number them and random org has generated the following winners of my "Sew Mamma Sew" giveaway.

In first place: Luke & Pamela
from Michigan in the USA. Also a bit exciting.

In second place: Junebug

Pamela will get to choose her large and small pendants first then Junebug will get a go.

That was so much fun. I really appreciate all the wonderful comments that I have received during the giveaway and hope that some of you will stop by to visit again sometime.

Also her is a pic of a quilt that i have nearly finished for my cousins 21st birthday. He is an Essendon fan (Australian football) and is turning 21. The back will have the black with a red sash like their uniforms.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Finished Project for May

I didn't think I would get anything done this month but Ta Daaaah!!!
Here is my creation.
A "Mei Tai" for me to carry Jess in.

I found a heap of different websites that give patterns and instructions and I just fused a couple together and went for it, I put a pleat in the bottom cause I felt that it was too wide for little Jesss' hips and now it is perfect. The fabric is a FQ that I got on Ebay and the inside is a lovely Jade green with the Hot Pink straps.
I still have one open to Australian Residents a couple of posts below this one.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Welcome to yet another giveaway.

SEW,MAMMA,SEW is having their 2nd giveaway day.

It was great fun the first time around and I was even lucky enough to win a prize. I also gave away some of my lovely handmade soap to 1 winner.

This time I am going to open my giveaway up to anyone in the world. There will be 2 prizes of my newest creations.

1st prize: 1 large Pendant & 1 small Pendant of your choice from my "Bec Clarke Creations" Blog

2nd prize: 1 small Pendant of your choice from my "Bec Clarke Creations" Blog

I will be adding more Pendants over the next few days there are lots of new squares and some rectangles that I am in the process of photographing so you don't have to decide right now, wait until you hear from me if you are the lucky random winner.

Anyone is welcome to enter, there is only 1 condition, I must be able to contact you. Either through your blog, leave me your e-mail address or follow my blog so that when I announce the winner you can contact me. I must hear back from you within 48 hrs of the drawing or the 2nd place person becomes first and a new 2nd place gets drawn. Winners will be drawn on 31 May Australian (Sydney Time).
DON'T FORGET my other giveaway which you can read about here:
Sewn Giveaway

And my pay it forward which is still lacking a couple of participants, go and have a look and see if it is your cup of tea
Pay If Forward

Saturday, May 16, 2009

2 Months already!!!

Just a little post about our prescious little girl. On 17 May (tomorrow for us) she will be 2 months old already. My how time flies.

Here she is on the very special quilt made by my lovely internet quilting friends. I am going to try and remember to do this every month for at least the first year, I have seen it done by other people and it really gives you perspective on how much they grow in such a short period. I didn't do it with Sam as I didn't know about it and I only just made him his first quilt when he went in to his "Big Bed" but here he is with Jess today.
By the way, Jess is wearing the cutest little outfit knitted for her by my very clever step-mum. There is a cute little pair of yellow booties and pants and a little cardi in yellows, blues and purples. Everyone commented at football today and she was toasty warm too.
Don't forget about the giveaway that I am participating in and the Pay it forward too. Just see the 2 posts below this one for more details.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

All Sewn Up - GIVEAWAY

I am joining in the party!!!

A new website totally dedicated to sewers is about to be launched and they are having a big party. People who have blogs are invited to have giveaways to celebrate and I have decided to join in and offer some goodies to giveaway.

sorry about that but postage outside the country is ridiculous for what i am giving away.

Now down to business. What will you win off me and how will you win it.
1. 2 x Bars of my handmade soap, you pick the sort that you would like, just visit my soap blog and let me know.

2. 1 x of my hand decorated pendants which can also be seen over on the soap blog, if you have a colour preference I have plenty others here at home that I can make up to suit you, otherwise just pick one of the available ones on the blog.

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me which soap you would like to win and your favourite colour for the pendant.
2. Tell your friends.
That's it!!! Draw takes place on 8 June at 10am EST sharp.

I am also still looking for more people for my Pay It Forward so feel free to have a look and join in.