Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sam's birthday and general news.

It has been forever since I last updated and sooo much has happened.

The most important thing is that on April 6 Sam turned 1. It was a lovely day with just a few close friends and family for a BBQ and cake.

Here is Sam enjoying his cake that his grandma made for him. It was a chocolate and walnut cake by request of husband.

This is another classic from the day. This is a Andrea who is the daughter of husbands best friend. She is 3 going on 30, just sooo clever and very cute as you can see.

Other than that we have had a little rain lately but not enough yet.
I am totally snowed under with Uni assignments which are all due on 30 May and then I have an English exam on the 11 June.
The best news of all is that in 4 weeks we leave for the USA. My brother is getting married on 28 June and I cannot wait. I haven't seen him since he left for the US 2 years ago and I am sooo looking forward to meeting his fiancee.
Oh, I am also back playing netball, this is good but also very sad but oh well that's the way life goes.
Can't think of anything else for the moment.
One more thing.
I have the best husband in the world, he is kind, caring and so wonderful.