1. A New Year is always a positive thing.
2. Got my first Zucchini from the garden today, they are finally growing.
3.Painting with the kids.. fun, fun, fun.
4. Watching Sam help Jessie on the trampoline instead of making her fall over.
5. Spending time with a lovely neighbour and friend, Sam is confident in the Pool today, moving around on his own and diving under the water to fetch things.
6. The bushfire has not burnt our house, we have no stock losses and we got to see a helicopter land in our paddock.
7. The bushfire is under control and pretty much out.
8.  I got a full night's sleep last night and so did Marcus
9. Woke up to a lovely cool morning and it was cool enough to go for our morning walk to the mailbox.  I also found a nice galvanised watering can in the shed that I have claimed....
10. Watching Jessie try and kick the soccer ball using the inside of her feet and getting a great big belly laugh out of it.
12. My little brother James' birthday, love him lots.
14. Mum coming to stay for an overnight visit.
15. Found mum's wallet that she thought she had lost.
16. Very well behaved kids in big town today.
17. The new dog Monty swims himself across a Dam for the first time.
18. Jessie letting go of my hands in the pool for the first time.
20. Jessie swimming herself to the pool steps.
21. New yummy candles for my kitchen
22. Singing with the choir
26. A wonderful Australia Day ceremony with Marcus getting "Senior Sportsman of the year"
27. Jessie finally blowing bubbles with her mouth in the pool.

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