Sunday, May 10, 2009

All Sewn Up - GIVEAWAY

I am joining in the party!!!

A new website totally dedicated to sewers is about to be launched and they are having a big party. People who have blogs are invited to have giveaways to celebrate and I have decided to join in and offer some goodies to giveaway.

sorry about that but postage outside the country is ridiculous for what i am giving away.

Now down to business. What will you win off me and how will you win it.
1. 2 x Bars of my handmade soap, you pick the sort that you would like, just visit my soap blog and let me know.

2. 1 x of my hand decorated pendants which can also be seen over on the soap blog, if you have a colour preference I have plenty others here at home that I can make up to suit you, otherwise just pick one of the available ones on the blog.

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me which soap you would like to win and your favourite colour for the pendant.
2. Tell your friends.
That's it!!! Draw takes place on 8 June at 10am EST sharp.

I am also still looking for more people for my Pay It Forward so feel free to have a look and join in.


Bronwyn said...

Your giveaways look just great - love the idea of macadamia soap and I love the diaganol colours pendant!

Justine said...

Ohh would the goats milk and macadamia be as delicious as my favourite goats cheese - I'm thinking so !! Love the red patter pendant !! Gorgeous!!


tashalou said...

I would love to get some of your NETTLE & ROSEMARY SHAMPOO BAR. I love all your pendants but my favourite colour for a pendant would be purple ;)

Sarah Seitz said...

I'm a fan of the OATMEAL, MILK & HONEY bar! Yum! My favorite pendant is definitely the Coloured Stripes one.


handmaiden said...

I love the Olive Oil and coconut bar and a pendent in orange would be good

Helz said...

Hi There Bec... Your Soaps look good !!! Decisions... Goat's Milk & Macadamia... Yep that's the one & Luv the Black & White in your pendants. Thanks Heaps for the Giveaway Fun !

Lisa said...

Your soaps sound devine! I'd love to try the OLIVE & COCONUT one, but the pendants are all good!

Anonymous said...

Your soaps are gorgeous! I like the sound of the goats milk and macadamia soap as well as the nettle and rosemary shampoo bar. And the red pattern pendant is so cute.
Thanks for the chance,
Deb -

becanne said...

Hi Bec, that shampoo bar sounds interesting - like to give it a try. Might have to drop back if I'm not lucky enough to win.
I love all those small square pendants especially the stripes.

Nadine said...

Hi, I'd love to try one of your Nettle & Rosemary Shampoo soaps, and I really like the pink pendants.

Amanda said...

The Bambino soap looks yummiest! And my favourite colour is red.

Thanks for posting such a great giveaway!

Jayne said...

Oh, I've always wanted one of these! Hope I win!

Laine said...

I love the red washi paper pendant and would like to try the oatmeal milk honey and goats milk & macadamia soaps. Thanks for the great and generous giveaway.

Sue said...

yum, oatmeal, milk and honey sounds delish! Have to think about the pendant if I win, they are gorgeous. I've put your blog in my favs, I think I'll be doing a bit of shopping.
Feel free to visit me and see what I'm giving away.

candice said...

I really like the sound of that
Goats Milk & Macadamia soap! YUM!
And I like the Tree with Purple Background pendant, just perfect for a lovely little girl I know!
Thank you!

~ Kim ~ said...

Ooooh soap.. Yumm.. I mean, cool. Love the bambino one and any cream coloured pendant would be super.

ange_moore said...

With two kids under 3 (but over 6 months) I think I'd have to say the Bambino soap would be for us! And I like the flower pendant (or anything that's more purply-blue).

SandyN said...

I do love a party and presents. I would love to win your oatmeal, milk and honey soap. It makes me want to eat it and LOVE the red pendant. Thanks for your great giveaway... Sandy

Doris said...

Goats Milk and Macadamia! And I love green, but your photo pendants are adorable, too!


craftykat said...

Cool Giveaway! mmm Olive and Coconut sounds divine!and I love red!

eriven said...

Yum, handmade soap. I would love to try Oatmeal, Milk & Honey. As for a pendant, I love red so anything you'd like to pick would be fine with me :)

Thanks for participating!

Melanie said...

I would love to win some of your soap! Thank you for the chance.
My favourite colours are blue and green, and I have to say that I will have to remind myself that it's soap if I get some "goats milk and macadamia", though all your soaps sound delicious!

pastrymama said...

Thank you for a chance to win some wonderful things. I would like the Bambino soap, it has so many nice things in it and I really like the rainbow pendant.