Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well after a bit of fussing around in excel cause I don't know how to make blogger number my comments, I managed to transfer all the comments over and number them and random org has generated the following winners of my "Sew Mamma Sew" giveaway.

In first place: Luke & Pamela
from Michigan in the USA. Also a bit exciting.

In second place: Junebug

Pamela will get to choose her large and small pendants first then Junebug will get a go.

That was so much fun. I really appreciate all the wonderful comments that I have received during the giveaway and hope that some of you will stop by to visit again sometime.

Also her is a pic of a quilt that i have nearly finished for my cousins 21st birthday. He is an Essendon fan (Australian football) and is turning 21. The back will have the black with a red sash like their uniforms.


luke and pamela said...

yay! i am so so excited! thanks!

retdairyqueen said...

I like your Essendon Quilt
Happy birthday for tomorrow