Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June finishes

I only just got my new camera in time. Will post more about that later.
Here is what I got finished this month.

I needed a new bag for my portable projects so I made a drawstring bag with 2 sections, it is pretty big it holds my medium stitchery thread box and lots of scrap fabric.

The pink thing is a swap item that I forgot to take a finished photo of before it went to the USA. It was sent about 3 weeks ago and is about 10" x 12".

Then there is 2 pairs of PJ pants for Sam

This is a lovely little bag that I made for myself with some lovely music FQ's that I got a couple of years ago, it's pretty big, about 18" wide and 12" high with 3 pockets inside and a padded shoulder strap.

And don't forget the Football Quilt

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