Sunday, December 03, 2006

Monday 4 December 2006,
Farm life is continuing as usual. We have started feeding all the stock now which will empty the haysheds out pretty quickly. We also had the joy of a lightening strike on our back hill on Friday afternoon which started a grass fire. So the local boys all got suited up and came to our resuce, (well everyone in the district is a member of the fire brigade so it was just all the neighbours). It wasn't a huge fire and didn't even burn out a whole paddock but its the constant checking on it for the next 3 days that has been a pest. Because it is so hot and windy little parts kepts smouldering and smoking so poor Hubby spent most of his weekend up and down the hill checking for flare ups.

We got a new car on Friday which was pretty exciting. It is Hubby's first brand new car so you can imagine the excitment. We also found some excellent bargain baby stuff. We haven't really bought anything before now, I guess I didn't want to get too excited in case something went wrong but hopefully now that we are at 23 weeks it will keep going well. The only thing now is because we only go to town once every 2 or 3 months we have to get really organised in the next few visits.

I have been trying to sew myself some maternity clothes but inbetween work, housework and helping DH on the farm I don't seem to have any more time. I really have this need to sew because I have bought the most lovely cotton fabrics to make some nice summer clothes and I can't fit into anything that I have anymore because my belly is really starting to pop out now.

I will be sorting out the photo issue soon so everyone can see a little more about my life. I have been getting more excited about the baby lately. I was kind of in shock for so long even though we planned to start trying while we were on our honeymoon in June/July I never expected it to happen on the first try but oh well, I am used to the idea now and have been very lucky with not being sick much, I think the heat this summer may test me but overall I am looking forward to it. Hopefully I will get to America Mid 2007 to see my little brother so he can meet his 1st nephew and that will be just great, baby might even have a new auntie by then too so that will be even better.

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