Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sunday 7 January 2007.
Welcome to the New Year Everyone. I had my last baby free new year and Hubby and I enjoyed a nice night out at the Golf Club where they had a great DJ who had the whole place rocking young and old. We grooved until about 12.30 then went home like an old married couple. I felt tired by then anyway because I only have 12 weeks to go now.

I have some answers to a Valentines Day Swap that I am participating in with an online sewing group that I am lucky enough to be a part of.

Kids:None Yet. 1st one due on April 1 this year.
Favourite Colours: I love green but am trying to get into some brighter colours like pinks & yellows etc, because people keep telling me I look good in brights.
What do I find Garish about Valentines Day: It has become very commercialised and people feel the need to spend too much money on each other.
What Do I love about Valentines Day: It can bring out the romantic in anyone. People who would usually take their partner for granted show their appreciation on this day (hopefully).
My Favourite Fabric/Habby/Sewing Item: Not sure if I have one. I love to add simple embellishments to simple things, like ribbon to a plain dress or buttons to a plain dress or top or even quilt.
Hopefully this helps whoever gets me in the swap.

p.s. My brother who has lived in America since April, spent New Years in Washington DC. I feel kind of sorry for him, even though he is having the most amazing experience overseas and has met a lovely girlfriend, he hasn't seen/been in a proper winter for well over 10 years. Hope you are not feeling too cold Jimmy, hopefully Mary keeps you warm with lots of nice hugs

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