Friday, January 12, 2007

New things

Saturday 13 January 2007,
I thought that I would show off a few things that I found in Wagga this week. I had a OB appointment and went thrifting and spotlighting.

The first photo is 2 patterns that I am hoping to be clever enough to make and some fabric. There is 1 mtr each of this flannel fabric with little rockets all over it in 2 different colours, also a doona cover with one side stripes and one side circles that I thought would make a great set of PJ's for hospital. There is also a bag pattern that I got from spotlight that has a change pad and 2 smaller purses with 5 different bags that I will have to now choose which one to make as my nappy bag. I also got some great red denim for making the bag (forgot to put it in the photo).

The second photo is just a small taste of all this baby stuff that a lady I know has given me. She had her 2nd baby about 15 months ago and said I could have her nappies but then she sends me 13 flat nappies, pilchers galore and this huge brown bag that is full of clothes. I could only fit a small amount into the picture. I am so lucky that I live in a community where people do things like that. Living in the country is just wonderful. I have made a committment to only use cloth nappies. I have a few fitted ones and some flannel and terry flats that I thought I may try making some fitteds out of some.
Even though we are on tank water I cannot bring myself to use disposables. Hopefully I can stick to that resolution when bub comes along. People keep telling me to use disposables when I go out but honestly what is the difference, you still have to change the baby and I can take a nappy home and wash it just as easily. I have a front loader and instructions on dry pailing so here's hoping.
My little brother turned 29 on 12 January and has gone up to Baltimore to spend the weekend with Mary. Hope he has a wonderful birthday. We are thinking of him.



Julie said...

I used to take cloth nappies out with me sometimes or rather 70% of the time. It was mainly friends that would say why are you doing it! But my neighbour thought I was mother earth (LOL) because of it. But really it was because I'm a spend thrift and didn't want to waste too much money on disposables. And you are right, it really isn't any trouble to bring them home again :) Good for you.

Love the purple material.

Anonymous said...

I confess that we use disposables while out, cloth at home. Maybe with next bubs I will have some fitted ones made for when we go out...then I will have to convince DH! Good luck with it too.

Natalie said...

Great finds at the thift shop! I love the rocket fabric, so cute. I've been meaning to make a new nappy bag, but Jai doesn't need such a big one anymore - but a friend has asked for a 'funky' new one so should start trying some out!