Monday, January 05, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: The Hunger Type Diet by Lowri Turner

Hunger Type Diet by Lowri Turner
I rate it 4 Stars

A new way to look at weight loss.....
I was curious as to how this book would be different from the huge range of diet books already on the market.
I was pleasantly surprised to see it's approach was quite different to anything that I have ever read.
There was quite a bit of information in the first few chapters that is very detailed descriptions on how our bodies and hormones work which then lead into describing how this affects our eating and how the different types of people relate to the different types of hunger.
I admit, the information was almost overwhelming at times, I thought I would just skip some of it and read on but I was glad I didn't, it was all groundwork to better understand my hunger type and how to manage it.
I took the quiz, a very simple yes or no to 33 questions and it was spot on.
I was then given a choice to do a 48 hour rehab before going on my 14 day weight loss food plan, a very detailed menu that is quite realistic.
I am even going to give it a go, it's all food that I can access easily and fit into my regular lifestyle.
I now think I have a better understanding of my eating habits too, it has really opened my eyes and made me look a little closer at what and how I am eating and how I can address any deficiencies in my habits and my diet.

I recommend this to anyone who wants to take a different view of their eating and weight management.

I received no payment in any form for this review.....
It was a NetGalley book for review.

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