Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Merry Clarke Christmas

Well the big day has come and gone.

The kids did very well but thank goodness not too well.

Jess scored some beautiful clothes in some larger sizes (thank goodness) along with some toys, books and other great gifts.

Sam got a couple of wonderful trucks, some books and so much great stuff.

Here is just a couple of quick photo's, it all happened too fast to get many photo's.
Jess is wishing she got a big yellow truck too. Her grandma Clarke got her the pretty pink dress with matching bloomers. Sam just couldn't share on Christmas day and I can't really blame him, another day maybe.

Here is Sam in the middle of 2 of my cousins children. Ben on the left and Oliver on they right. They had come down to the farm for christmas from Sydney. It was a massive family affair at my aunts place just up the road, but I was too busy trying eat my lunch in between chasing Sam and soothing Jess. I think it was a bit too much for both of them and we had to go home for them to have a sleep in the afternoon before we headed over to Husbands family at Cudgewa for dinner in the evening.

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Li de Liége said...

Muito bonitos!!!!!!