Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday

I saw this recently on this blog:

and just loved it. Plus I need something to motivate my blogging!!!

I know most people think that Tea Cups are a thing of the past but I love them and think they are just beautiful and have decided to participate for a while.

I inherited some lovely tea-cups from my Grandmother, plus my Mother-in-law has a wonderful collection that I will be sharing with you.

I myself just love a cup of tea throughout the day and it feel so much more special if you have it in a pretty china cup.

So here is the first one for you to admire:

This is actually one of a set of 4 that I picked up a yard sale, it doesn't look like much but I love green and I love glass and it's made in france which makes me love it even more.

Here is another one for you for this week

This is part of a massive set of the "Old Country Roses" collection by Royal Albert - Bone China from England.
I inherited this set from my mum who didn't want to cart it around anymore so not it lives with me. I have a teapot, salt & pepper shakers, massive platter and complete 6 piece dining set plus more.

And lastly I thought I would share my latest win!!!
I was lucky enough that the planets aligned one day and the kids were being good for half an hour one Thursday morning and I called into the "Creative Mojo" internet radio show to say hi to Mark Lipinski. I just wanted to say hi and say how much I enjoy the show and would you know it, they were giving away these great mugs to all callers and they sent one all the way to me in Australia.
It's a great show that runs every week, I subscribe to it in my I-tunes podcasts so I can listen to it when I like. There are all sorts of different guests talking about heaps of different things and Mark is just a hoot. Go and check out the blog to see who's on this week:


KathyB. said...

Your green glass teacup is a treasure, and I know quite a few ladies who would be a bit jealous of your large collection of Old Country Roses. My MIL is one~ and congratulations on your win!

Snap said...

Lovely green glass and you can't beat roses! Mojo looks like fun!! Happy Tea Day!

parTea lady said...

The glass teacups are lovely and how wonderful to have that large collection of Old Country Roses china from your Mom.

Terri said...

Hello Bec, and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday! We love having you! I do love your green tea cup and saucer. There is something lovely about a clear glass cup. Your OCR tea cup and saucer is beautiful. I do love that pattern.
You have a beautiful site, I will have a good look around before I go.
Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Bookie said...

Glad you are here for a while! I am partial to the Roses pattern of your cups. I love the delicate shape of the cup.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Love the Old Country Roses and your green tea cup sure looks like something to me.... DEPRESSION GLASS! What a find!!

Debbie @ A Debbie-Dabble Christmas