Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kaffe Fassett ***GONE THANK YOU***


I have booked and fully paid for a set to the Kaffe Fasset workshop being held in Canberra on Wednesday 16 Feb 2011.

I just found out this morning that there is a very important personal commitment that is happening around that date that will make it impossible for me to attend the workshop so I would like to try and sell my seat to someone.

Please e-mail me if you would like more details and are interested.

I have already contact Addicted to Fabric in Canberra to make sure this is o.k. and it is, we just need to notify them of the change if one happens. They don't have a wait list but they know I am looking for someone to take my ticket.

Fingers crossed I can find a taker or I am very much out of pocket.


Leah said...

Good luck selling it Bec - sorry we won't get to meet up this time though :) I've posted this on Ravelry (knitting site) in the Canberra group referring them to this post :)

Michelle said...

Yes! I am on the waiting list but would love to take your spot.

I will hunt around your site for an email address.