Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am a very lucky girl

I have been very remiss in not blogging this before today but things have been getting on top of me as I try to prepare for this new baby this is about to arrive.

Back on about the 6 Feb I was notified that I was the lucky winner of a giveaway at
Selina's Blog. Selina was generous enough to take part in "The Great Stash Busting Giveaway" organised by I'm a Ginger Monkdy. I couldn't believe my luck when I got an e-mail from Selina saying I had won her giveaway. I was a totally random winner but that makes it all the more lucky because as you can see from the picture below I am now the proud owner of some lovely vintage Chenille and some cute flannel and cupcake fabric. If I have a baby girl it will be used for her, otherwise maybe for me???

Then, would you believe it, I get an e-mail from Kristen at Sewmammasew saying I had won one of their fabric packs. I don't even remember entering any of the competitions there but I must have because they arrived today. I couldn't believe it that I have won a green FQ pack. Green is my favourite colour and they will make a lovely quilt when I can find the perfect project. I have never made myself a quilt, everyone else has one but I think these fabrics will be just right for one for me.

So I have lots of lovely fabric just waiting to be used. A huge thank you to Selina and the Sewmamasew crew for my lovely prizes.
I am now officially on a fabric ban. My poor husband just looks in the spare room and shakes his head. I don't have as much as some people but our spare room is not very big and I really have to get it organised this month before my mum comes to stay.

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Cascade Lily said...

Lucky you indeed! Love the green fabrics too!