Saturday, January 17, 2009

WISP Finished

I have officially finished my first project for the year and now qualifiy for the first month of the year long challenge that I am participating in. See the sidebar on your left.

I cut these out last year when I was making the curtains for our windows and didn't get around to putting them together. So I think that counted as a WISP (Work in Slow Progress)

Just in case you are wondering what they are: DOORSTOPS. ..

I have made them out of leftover curtian fabric and I made one for the hallway, main bed and Sam's bedroom doors as these are the ones that tend to slam shut in the wind.

I got the idea from this tutorial:
It was quite easy, except that I forgot to put the little pick up thingy on the top but I don't need it. I will just kick them out of the way.
So, hopefully this is a worthy entry for my first month. I have about another 6 or more things on the go that I will be trying to get at least one finished each month to qualify for the WISP challenge and also to help me with my pile of procrastination projects.

Everyone here is well, Sam is growing and a real little character now. New baby only has 10 wks until it is due. Marcus is off fishing today, hopefully he will get a few more days in before the baby is born as I think I will need his help quite a bit once it comes along. I worry about poor Sam and how he will cope at having to share me after all this time.
I have been very busy tidying up the spare room so that if we have visitors they can sleep in there instead of in the Lounge room.
Oh and very exciting news. I have had my very first Wholesale order for Soap. I am a bit excited, also a bit worried. It is getting quite busy and I am trying to keep my stocks up so I can have a month or so off when bub comes.


Cascade Lily said...

Well done on the finish and the soap order. Try not to stress too much. What will be will least that's my mantra for 2009!

Michi, Orange County, CA said...

Hi Bec!
I'm so tickled with your clever doorstops . . . AND your GORGEOUS quilts!!!! They're BEAUTIFUL!!!!!