Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ending Procrastination

Yes I admit it, I am a procrastinator in alot of things that I need to do every day.
I don't usually make a New Year's resolution but thins year I am making one.
I will make a very concerted effort to end my procrastination. To do this I am putting in place a number of projects.

1. Last year I bought and read this book: "Speed Cleaning" by
Shannon Lush. She has a number of books out and I have found them all quite interesting and helpful. I am doing my best to follow a routine based around her theory and am finding that it is very helpful and I am having to spend less time on the housework. I promised myself that I would do this as we have moved into our new house and it will be hopefully easier to maintain a new house if I keep up with my routine. I also love the way she uses alot of natural alternatives in her books.

2. I have joined a group of bloggers that will hopefully help me get in a little more creativity each month. It is very low stress with no real deadlines except that I want to get at least 1 project finished each month. It can me as small or large as I like and I really believe that I can do this. Information can be found here: Monthly Challenge
I have added a picture link on my sidebar to remind me and let everyone know that I am taking this very seriously.

Now I am also hoping that these 2 things will help me feel a bit more organised after I come out of hospital from having our next baby at the end of March.

So ,yes, as a friend told me recently, I do like to keep busy. I do also have my soap business that is going really well but I am trying to get heaps of stock built up so that I can have a few months off once bub comes along.

Now all I have to do is figure out which one of the many UFO's I am going to do for January. Probably Sam's quilt as I want it finished to put in the local show at Jingellic and Tumbarumba.


Kylie said...

I've looked at speed cleaning a few times - may need to get a copy. So glad someone else I know is doing the monthly challenge. Personally I think for March you can put down Baby!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Hi Bec: Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed my visit to your farm and with your family here at your blog. Just too cute sitting in a bucket! If you create time for collage and mixed media, on top of being Mom to your little ones, I'm impressed!