Thursday, November 18, 2010


I keep asking myself where can I find more hours in the day and never come up with an answer.

But still I find more things that I want to do.

One of those things I just had to do was sign up for the R.A.I.L online class in the Roses On My Table group.

The AMAZING thing about this workshop is that for $35USD you get 12 months of workshops. One new workshop every month AND...
get this...
The videos are downloadable so you can keep them at home and watch them in your own time. There are extra instructions that you can copy and paste into a word document and a great group of people that chat, share and help each other.
I love these as I can save them and then take my time and do them at my own pace but Zinnia is always there to help and offer encouragement too.
I am on my second month now which is a gorgeous Memory Keeper box.

I actually missed the very first month that it was held but it is now available as a separate lesson that I am going to go and purchase. The month just past was gorgeous domino pendants, very elegant and beautiful.

I have to say, after purchasing a few online workshops this year there is only this one and one other that I have been fully satisfied with.

The other ones are classes held by the lovely Mary of Green Paper Packages Blog.
She has held 3 and I have all of them and have learnt so much about collage, colour, design, shape and all the lovely elements associated with paper art, ATC's, collage and much more.
The latest class is Collage Basics with Vintage Paper.

Here too Mary is so very generous with her knowledge and encouragement.
There is always lots of free images to work with and lessons that come in downloadable PDF format so that if you are like me and don't manage your time very well you can do it when you get to it but still learn and watch what others are doing on the flickr group.

So if you want to learn more go and have a look, it will be worth your while.

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Cristina Zinnia Galliher said...

Awe, thank you Bec!!! You are an angel, and your babies are so darling and sweet!!!!!!!!!