Friday, October 29, 2010


Hello and welcome to my not so regular blog posting.

This is my 3rd year of entering a quilt in Amy's Bloggers Quilt festival.

Every year there is some wonderful quilts to be seen, and often lovely stories to go with them.

It also means that every year my blog reading list gets a bit longer.

So... here is my entry for this year.

I only finished this quilt last night, it is a gift for my cousin who is turning 21 next week but his party is tonight and I wanted to have it done.

He is a Carlton Football Club Fan (Australian Rules football) so I made it all in Navy & White.
The pattern is a free one that i got from Anina at Twiddletails she ran a Quilt-a-long a while back and i saved all the information and then made the quilt just now.
The instructions were very easy to follow but I didn't want to just cut out 1 square at a time and do it in a week by week format so I put all the information in a spreadsheet and added them all up and cut it all out at once. Thank goodness for spreadsheet, the maths nearly did my head in even with the help.

I am quite happy with the result. Some of my pinwheels are a bit wonky but the majority of them are just great. I did rush a little as I had a tight deadline.

As for quilting I was quite stuck but then I stuck with simple and did a straight line down the middle of each sashing strip. Then I had an idea that I wasn't sure would work. My lovely Janome MC11000SE has a stippling feature so I simply did one spot of stippling in the centre of each block. I was worried it would look strange and to some it may but I think it's a different way to use a stipple, kind of making a feature out it and it adds a strange depth to the pinwheels.

The label is also done on my machine using the letters from the Monograming function.

All up the quilt finished up at about 48" x 62", it is 100% cotton front, batting and backing. The front is simple homespun and the backing is a Michael Miller called Western Bandana in Denim, that is also used for the Binding.

Thank you to anyone who has visited I am doing my best to go and see some lovely quilts also.


Sue said...

Great work Bec. I love the little snippet of quilting in the pic too.
He's a very lucky 21yo.

Sandra said...

What a great graphic quilt and what a lucky boy. Thanks for sharing this, love the movement of the pinwheels.

Come see my postings: antique 1890 schoolhouse quilt and black/white/pink miniature quilt.

Pattilou said...

I love pinwheels and this quilt is a great one with all the different sizes. The color choice works well with what you've done and I love all the neat photos.

Anina said...

I love it! It's so great to see all the different versions out there.

DAWNIE said...

Looks lovely Bec - am sure your cousin will love it.

Marjorie said...

You were wise to do the quilt all at once instead of as a block of the week. I did this as the quilt along and pulling the fabric out each week to cut it was a pain.

Carol said...

I've seen this pattern around bloogieland. I like you color interpretation. Nice to see small amounts of stippling as a focus.

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)
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Karen said...

I had never thought of adapting this pattern as a footy quilt. It looks great.
What a wonderful gift!

Angie said...

Beautiful Pinwheel Party!