Saturday, August 01, 2009

A new challenge

I have set myself a new challenge.

At first I didn't thing that it would be too hard as I don't drink alcohol at all and not too much soft drink or cordial either.


Occasionally I love a good coke or a lemonade and I have the best homemade lemon cordial recipe from my mother in law.

Oh well.

I have signed up for the challenge before it's too late.
I found it here at Belinda we are joining in with Daharja

Are you game???
Inspired by the good people of Bundanoon, who have banned bottled water from their town, I'm going to do The WATER challenge.
The Water Challenge is simple.For one year, starting on August 3rd, I can drink only water.
I am giving up
Fizzy drinks
Teas and coffees (coffee is easy, I don't drink it anyway)
All alcohol
All cordials and drink flavourings
All bottled water (except in my own, re-usable water bottle)
All milks - except on my cereal, and then in only enough of a portion to wet the food appropriately
Anything else not specifically included in this list that is not tap water or rain water.In other words, I'm on tap water for a year.
Medicines are excepted, of course. So if I need a medicine, and it is in liquid form, that's fine. That's also just common-sense.
Soup is excepted. Soups are not a drink, and are not part of the Challenge.
Also, if I get really sick to the point where I am in need of vitamin C in juice form or my medical professional recommends I drink something other than water, I'll do as recommended. I'm not a twit.
Because I'm sick of doing the talk but not the walk.
I'm sick of whinging about bottled water (which I do) yet still buying the odd juice or soft drink, figuring that it's okay to use a single-use bottle because it's flavoured instead of just water.
Fact is, it's not.
I'm adding tea and coffee to the list of contraband, simply because I want to get used to drinking water and water only, and I won't do that if I replace all the other rubbish with tea, even if it is herbal tea.
Plain water was good enough for my grandparents. It was good enough for people all throughout history. It is good enough for every other animal on the planet. It should be good enough for me.


daharja said...

Thanks for joining me in this Challenge :-)

I'm feeling a bit scared about doing it, to be honest. Chocolate was one thing, but all soft drinks, alcohol, teas and juices - well! That's a lot to give up for a year!

Still, I think we can do it! And it makes me feel better knowing that you and Belinda will be doing it with me!


Daharja XXX

Cass said...

Good luck Bec, not sure if I could do it though

Helen said...

WOW Bec! My hat goes off to you, I could give up fizzy drinks and tea easily, but coffee and wine, I'd struggle. I drink tap water too, never buy the bottled stuff. I just need to drink more water, full stop. Good luck!

Cascade Lily said...

Now that is hard core my friend! I like the sentiment and applaud your strong willpower, but I will watch from the sidelines! I like my glass of vino just a leetle too much :)