Friday, July 24, 2009

4 months already

I have been very slack this week. I totally forgot to do this last friday.
Jess turned 4 months last friday and oh my goodness she has grown so much.
I tried to put her in the Bassinnette the other day for a little day sleep and she pretty much fits end to end, so I have to put her in the big cot for her day sleeps from now on. I have been using the bassinnette just during the day as it is out in the loungeroom next to the computer and I can hear her if she wakes up.
Here she is one her lovely quilt that we have actually been using on really cold nights, which we have had a few this month. It's so hard being a mum, you never stop worrying, I know this is not really a topic that people talk about but I constantly worry about SIDS. It's super cold here at night right now and I refuse to have a heater in the bedroom cause it's just not do-able to warm up that end of the house. So we have to have a few layers on us and the kids. They both wear sleeping bags and then we have to put a few blankets on. So I just worry and every time I get up I check them. Sam is a heavy breather so I can still just stand at the door to his room and lisen but Jess is so quiet and doesn't move all night so when I want to check I have to put my finger under her nose.
I know it's silly but I worry about things that you can't see or do anything about. So I will keep checkin for many months to come.
Enough of the morbid stuff. The farm is great. We have had some rain and things are green. We have had some lovely winter days too. On Wednesday it was so hot that I almost put a t-shirt on. The verandah is finished and we spend the afternoons out in the sun, Sam drives his truck around and I usually read or play too.
That's it for now.


Cascade Lily said...

The time just flies by, doesn't it? I worry about SIDS too. I know what you mean about how still young babies are when they're asleep. One day I couldn't tell if Tristan was breathing or not, he was deathly pale and I couldn't get a response from him by calling his name. I actually woke him up just to make sure! You never stop worrying about your kids :) It's natural!

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Bec! I don't have kids, but I imagine I would have been a big worry-wort, too! I think the fact that you worry so much shows the depth of your caring and love, so don't change! And as someone who's almost 40, I gotta say, the fact that my Mum STILL worries about me is rather reassuring! :0) Enjoy your precious little gift - Bear Hugs! KRIS

Gail said...

I think a lot of us worry about SIDS, I used to stand in the doorway and listen for the crib to squeak! Sounds like you are a good Mum. Blessed be.