Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Calf Friday 16 March 2007

This one is for Mary (and Jimmy) in America, thought you might like to see one of our calves. His mother is not well enough to make milk so we are looking after him, he is a little Short-Horn calf, they are the cutest cause you never know what colour combination of white and red they will come out . I am looking at my worst but who cares - the cows certainly don't.


Cass said...

Bec, lovely calf and you look great. I can't believe you are out there with only a few weeks to go

Kylie said...

Bec - soon you will have too littlies to feed - How long will you have to feed the calf for?

mary said...

Hi Rebecca! I am here with James and we are reading your blog together. You look wonderful! James just spoke with your mom this evening and she said that your due date is in 1 week! How are you feeling? You both must be so excited!! James says "hello" and good luck with the delivery. He sends lots of love your way! We will be in touch.
Mary and James