Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wednesday 25 October 2006

Things are very busy at home at the moment. Hubby(Marcus) and his dad have been busy sorting up cattle so that we can get rid of some before the prices at the market fall even further. Luckily we have alot of lovely breeding cows that we can keep and look after for when it finally rains and the prices go up again. We have lots of sheep and cattle heading off to market like every other farming family. No-one can afford to feed them all at the moment. We have 2 types of cattle. Black Angus and Short Horns. Marcus loves the Short Horns the best and I have to agree with him. They have so much character in their red an white markings and the calves are just the cutest things ever. I will have some photo's to post real soon. It's always a pity that they have to grow up but even the older Short Horns are quite nice looking.

I started sewing a skirt on Friday and should finish it off tomorrow. It's the first time I have used my overlocker in about 2 years and I was worried that I might stuff it up but it worked out pretty good. It is a really simple A-line draw string skirt to help accommodate my growing stomach but the fabric is really summery and colourful so it will be great.

It has just rained for about 5 mins, not really very substantial but it may settle the dust for a while.
Over and out.

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